We co-construct programs to support relationships and learning goals.

At school, we can work with you to:

  • Identify or reimagine values and pedagogical directions. 

  • Evaluate how mission and vision statement are being executed by the participants of the school. Assess school structure and logistics to create systems based on community values.

  • Develop curriculum that integrates outdoor learning and social-emotional skills.

  • Design coaching and professional development workshops for school staff and parents.

  • Build programs for parent-teacher relationships.

For parents and caregivers:

We offer parent education workshops, coaching, and consulting. See our News page for latest offerings.

Our services are customizable for the home or alternative settings. Please reach out.

Here are some examples of our work.


School start-up, consultation and coaching

“Shawna and Blanche have been invaluable resources in the development of our nature preschool. Their passion, experience, and uplifting attitude shine through in our interactions together. They were flexible in the ways we worked together, including helping to refine our mission/vision statements, design our school handbook, establish our philosophy for interacting with in a respectful manner with children and nature, develop a curriculum outline for the first week of school, and providing several real life inquiry examples that helped to solidify the inquiry-based learning philosophy. I highly recommend the services of Sunbeam Consulting!”

- Jenine Meredith, Waiwén Jardín de la Naturaleza



Integrated outdoor learning

“Shawna’s use of nature as an extension of her classroom comes effortlessly to her, pre-dating current trends in progressive educational movements that are turning their attention towards forest schools and further understanding the nature deficits present in children’s lives. She represents a type of educator that is sometimes rare in the world of nature-inquiry; one who believes strongly that children should be allowed to follow the narrative threads of their own curiosity, but also believes in the equally important task of teaching children how to participate in community safely and respectfully through the establishment of safe boundaries and clear expectations about sharing, collaborating, and giving.”

Ellen Hathaway, former director at Brightworks School (K-12), San Francisco, CA 


parent and teacher education

“Our family had the pleasure of being in Blanche's classroom for over two years. She instilled a love of nature in our daughter when she was only two years old. Many days, our daughter would return home, beaming with pride about her adventures with Blanche...with many stories about what sticks she had compiled, the dirt piles she had dug, or the bugs she had rescued. Blanche has a natural gift with young children. She exudes warmth that can instantly help a young child feel at home, and always has helpful, playful prompts to help guide children patiently through transitions and activities. As a parent, it was a privilege to be in Blanche's classroom -- she showed us how to stay present and mindful, encouraging us to learn alongside our children as a family. We appreciated having thoughtful discussions with Blanche not only on early childhood education, but also specifically about the importance of play in nature. A focus on play -- and especially play in the outdoors -- and fosters curiosity, observation of ones environment, and limitless imaginative exploration. In an ever evolving, fast-paced world, we look back fondly on those moments when we slowed time down, took a break from our scheduled lives, to play in nature with our children and their classmates. Today still, we carry with us our love of the outdoors as an important family value, and make it a priority to spend time together in nature. We will always treasure our time and memories with Blanche!”

JoAnn and James To, Parents