Turning Towards the Sun


Have you ever wondered why plants grow and extend towards the Sun? I often do, and the answer usually fills me with so much joy and gratitude. The simple answer to that questions is that plants contain a hormone called “auxin” in its cells at the tip of the stem for the purpose of maximizing their execution of photosynthesis. The deep, complex, and interconnected reason is that sunlight and the exact position of our planet in space, in relation to the Sun, facilitated the miraculous existence of auxin.

Auxin evolved from nothing and yet it exists to allow plants to use sunlight to create energy to grow. Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing this seemingly simple mechanism is? I think about that everyday when I step out of my house. Plants gather energy from the sun. Without sunlight, plants would not grow. Without plants, animals would not grow. Without plants and animals, we would not grow. Humans, animals and plants are inextricably linked by this very simple yet complex cosmic cycle. I am filled with gratitude and awe every single time I think about this.

Yet, when I turn on the news- I see an overwhelmingly disconnected humanity. I read about drills for children practicing for what to do during mass shooting. I read about schools cutting outdoor, and more importantly outdoor nature play. I also read about our administration cutting back on environmental laws. Then I start to wonder what has happened to the collective human awe and wonder of this world? What has happened to our deep understanding of interconnectedness? What has happened to humans? Why are we so stressed? Why are we so anxious?

So many amazing people before me and with me are thinking about this very question. What is happening to humans? When did we start to see ourselves separate from each other and from our natural environment? Well, our thoughts are that this must be as a result of moving away from our lifeline. Nature, this complex and interconnected, symbiotic and parasitic relationship to other living things is our lifeline. Think about it, the scientific finding that trees use mycelium (mushrooms) to communicate with each other is but one example of how life on Earth works. Everything is connected and has developed unique designs to survive, not alone, but in relation to anything else that is matter on this planet. Yet, here we are in self-created isolation.

We started this company for many reasons, one of them being to remind adults and children of where we come from, where our human needs are met, where we can find meaning and peace. Children are spending way too much time indoors, driving their grown ups crazy with challenging behaviors, when they could be outside using all of their energy to explore, to conquer fears, to wonder, to test, and to notice. We need to return to thinking about the sun, the light and this space. Children have the right to understand their place in this evolving, interconnected and complex cosmic cycle.